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How to Use WriteOnline

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How you use these resources is completely up to you. Our guides have been designed with both students and instructors in mind. Students starting university or college can use these resources as refresher materials before starting or during their post-secondary classes. Other examples include:

  • Instructors wishing to try out a "flipped classroom" could assign some of the materials as homework and spend more time in class helping students develop their writing skills one-on-one.
  • Instructors can use our guides to reinforce their own writing skills and to learn about different ways of teaching writing styles covered within our Writing Guides.

There are many more situations in which you may find our Writing Guides useful.

We encourage instructors to use our guides in their classrooms.

We have included Writing Guides that were identified to be under-represented as resources to our students using the Internet when seeking writing assistance.

The resources should be useful to professionals, students, and instructors who are exposed to these genres of writing during their educational and professional careers.

Each Writing Guide contains a set of sections, or “lessons”, which can be thought of as chapters in a book. Each section contains a set of topics, and some include knowledge check questionnaires designed to provide users with immediate feedback on retention of what they have just learned. At the end of each Writing Guide, we have provided an online Guided Writing Tools designed to help users get started on their writing project by providing useful tips and hints taken directly from the learning materials.

Where you begin is up to you. We assume that the most common way of accessing our Writing Guides is by selecting a writing genre, then either working through the materials from start to finish, or by selecting topics within the guide that includes material that you need help with. We encourage the use of our knowledge check questionnaires to help you track your retention of the materials covered. When you are ready to start writing, you can select the Guided Writing Tools appropriate to your writing genre and start working in your browser.

Text-based content can be saved for offline use and printed directly from your browser. Knowledge check questionnaires and the Guided Writing Tools require Internet access to use. The Guided Writing Tools allows for a user to print or save their work to .pdf (Adobe PDF Format) or .doc (Word Format) only when they have an Internet connection.

Still have questions?

Visit our Writing Centre Feedback page to provide feedback or ask additional questions.

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