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Website Requirements

This website and the learning tools within it have been designed to function on a variety of devices, operating systems, and web browsers.

For security reasons, this Website does not store personal information, work produced within the Guided Writing tools, or answers from practice quiz questions.

Supported Systems

This website has been tested on a range of popular desktop systems, devices, and operating systems that are current in technical specifications and technology. The full experience has been designed for desktop systems. As such, the interactive Guided Writing activities can only be accessed using a current desktop system. Alternative accessible formats are provided for smaller devices and older systems for learning content materials.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some materials on this website are provided in Adobe PDF format. Download the free Acrobat reader at Adobe’s website.

Using the Guided Writing Tools

The Guided Writing tools have been optimized for use on desktop systems. Additional software (word processing) is required to open files downloaded from the Guided Writing tools for use offline.

Save Your Work

If you wish to save your work for later use, you must save (download) your work to your device/system before navigating away from the page. This website does not store your work. Leaving the tool before saving your work will result in the loss of all your work.

Supported Formats

Adobe PDF Format (*.pdf)

Supported by Adobe software and most web browsers.

MS Word Format (*.docx)

Supported by most modern word processors including Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer, and Pages for OSX.

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