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Guided Writing Tools

Literature Review

Use our Writing Guide tools to apply what you’ve learned in this guide. The tools provide tips and suggestions for each section of your literature review, plus space to begin drafting. Use the tools in ways that are most helpful to you – you don't need to start at the beginning and work sequentially.

How to use the Guided Writing Tools

  • Download one of the template formats below,
  • Use your selected template to begin composing your literature review, incorporating the suggested tips,
  • Save and/or print your first draft, and
  • Bring your work to the Writing Center at your university or to your Professor for feedback.

Terms and Conditions

Template Purpose

  • These templates provide you with writing prompts to facilitate the early, or planning, stages of writing a literature review.
  • The templates should not be used as replacements for word processing software and should not be used to complete assignments.

Device Information

  • The downloadable content is intended for use on a device with either a PDF editor (including browser options) or Microsoft Word.

Storage and Media

  • Any work completed online in the PDF format needs to be downloaded from the PRINT dialogue to retain user generated content.
  • is not responsible for loss of work or progress.


  • Method 1: Download the templates directly and edit only on your local computer.
  • Method 2 (For PDFs only): Edit the PDF template in your browser, then download your work using the PRINT dialogue box.

Writing Prompts (MS Word)

Write your literature review in this downloadable Word document using the embedded step-by-step reminders.

Download WORD

Preview: Sample Guiding Questions
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Writing Prompts (PDF)

Write your literature review with the help of the step-by-step reminders in the following PDFs.

Download PDF

Preview: PDF Checklist

Download PDF

Preview: PDF Checklist with Space
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